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Smile Delight Dental Solutions

At Dr. Skorupko’s state-of-the-art offices in San Francisco, he and his skilled team perform a wide variety of procedures, from preventative cleanings to implants and gum surgery. Patients appreciate the convenience of having all of their dental care needs met under one roof. Dr. Skorupko works hard to keep his prices reasonable so that people can afford the care they need for their long-term dental health.

Jack the Labradoodle: At Your Service


Jack is a 16-month-old labradoodle who frequently visits the Smile Delight Dental Solutions office. He’s Dr. Skorupko’s best friend and every patient’s joy in the office.

Jack loves playing with people while he's at work and is an expert at calming particularly apprehensive patients down.

When he’s in the office he’s always on his best behavior, but at home he hates being left alone; to show his annoyance, he pees in retaliation in the shoe of the person who exits the house last.