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Dental Implants
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Dental implants are the strongest, most natural-looking replacement option for missing or broken teeth. Implants consist of a titanium post installed inside the bone of the missing tooth, which is then capped with an abutment or a crown. Anchored in your jaw, these sturdy replacements have the look and feel of natural teeth. Dr. Skorupko’s compassion, gentle touch, and years of experience in general dentistry, with a focus in prosthodontics, make him uniquely qualified to install dental implants.

Common Questions

What are dental implants? What do they treat?

Dental implants are considered the strongest, most natural-looking replacement for missing or broken teeth. Implants are stronger than other replacement options as they involve a titanium screw placed directly inside the bone of the missing tooth, helping preserve the bone as well. A natural-looking cap is then screwed to the post, leaving you with a replacement tooth that looks and feels just like the real thing.

When is it time to get dental implants?

Whenever a tooth deteriorates, or is broken, and needs to be extracted. If you have concerns about a problem tooth, or one is already missing, schedule a consultation with Dr. Skorupko today. He’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Almost anyone who has lost a tooth is a good candidate for implants. In some cases, if the tooth has been missing for a considerable length of time, or if the patient is elderly, there is a chance the jaw bone that would serve as an anchor for the replacement will have deteriorated. Dr. Skorupko will provide a thorough examination of the jaw before recommending an implant. If a patient has experienced bone loss, there are methods for building up the area before installing an implant, guaranteeing it’s as sturdy as possible.

Are dental implants covered by dental insurance?

Dental implants are often partially covered by dental insurance. If you have any questions about coverage, Dr. Skorupko and his team will work with you and your insurance company to sort out any financial liability you might have for your implants.

How long does the procedure last? What are the steps?

If a tooth is broken, missing, or recently extracted, Dr. Skorupko will begin with an examination of the problem area. The initial implant placement procedure takes about an hour. After a 3-month healing process, during which the patient will wear a temporary, the patient comes back to Dr. Skorupko for impressions. These are then sent to a laboratory where an abutment and crown will be manufactured. Once the final parts are built and ready to go, the install is very brief.

Are dental implants painful?

In most cases, the procedure is done under local anesthetic and is not painful at all.

Are dental implants safe? Will they fail or fall out?

Dental implants have a 96% success rate. Rarely, but occasionally, they will fail and need to be redone. Dr. Skorupko is happy to fix a failed implant at no additional cost to the patient.

How long do dental implants last, on average?

Dental implants should last a lifetime, but long term success requires that the patient take good care of their implants, as well as their remaining teeth. You’ll benefit from seeing Dr. Skorupko regularly for check-ups and to monitor the condition of the implant.

Why should I see Dr. Skorupko for my implants?

Dr. Skorupko has years of experience in general dentistry with an emphasis on prosthodontics. This makes him uniquely qualified to install and maintain dental implants, as properly engineered replacements and a focus on the final restoration and its function are the key to success. He’ll handle your treatment from start to finish and take full responsibility for the outcome, with repairs on problem implants made at no additional cost to the patient. He prides himself on a solid reputation based on years of expertise and excellent outcomes.

How much do dental implants costs?

The cost of implants ranges dramatically from case to case, as it depends on the type of implants being installed, as well as laboratory costs. If you’re in need of a dental implant, Dr. Skorupko will provide a detailed consultation, answering any questions about his recommendation for treatment, the procedure, and the cost of your care.

What anesthesia is used when installing dental implants?

Most of the time local anesthesia is used to great success. However, general anesthesia is available for patients with deeply rooted dental phobias.

If I'm nervous about getting dental implants, how will Dr. Skorupko put me at ease?

Every element of Dr. Skorupko’s office is designed to put his patients at ease. His office features a relaxed, friendly environment, and Dr. Skorupko performs his care with a gentle touch. If you have questions or concerns about dental implants, he’ll patiently explain all aspects of the procedure in full detail, helping you feel comfortable and confident in your care. He has found that his sincerity and transparency make it easy for patients to trust in his skills and judgement.

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